Aries horoscope july 2014

For natives Aries July 2014 is a full moon in events. Aries are undergoing many troubles, such as the flu or a small domestic accident. Pay attention to alcohol consumption may arise here because some heart problems.
In terms of financial problems are the same as in June, there is nothing changed, nor it sees something good.
For July, Aries natives are the happiest. Ladies ram are loved in this month more than in any other month. Jupiter-Uranus conjunction makes any man to love a woman ram.
Aries ascendant in Aquarius are more likely to win at gambling, but not stretch rope.
Workplace will be some issues related to a possible origin in a delegation, but towards the end of it will find it was a false alarm.
My recommendation is to read in this period books, magazines and other things prevenitva medicine. To be healthy.
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